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Finding great gifts can get stressful, especially if you are short on time or buying for someone who lives a particular lifestyle, such as a plant-based, vegan or eco-conscious.

This is why we created this plant-based gift guide featuring a list of goodies, treats, and gadgets that every plant-based person will love. 

Inside you'll find something for every budget, and to make things simple, we divided the gifts into the following categories:

  • Subscription Boxes

  • Books

  • Courses

Let’s jump right in!


1. DeliciousDoor snack box

plant based snack box

DeliciousDoor makes snacking easy, healthy, and always tasty. 

A Snack Box includes 12 full-sized items, always 100% plant-based, health-focused, less than 5g of added sugar, and premium quality.

It is the perfect gift for anyone who loves exploring new flavorful foods with health in mind.

2. Vegancuts Beauty Box

plant based beauty box

Vegancuts curates a unique selection of 4-7 premium skin-care and body-care products delivered to you every month.

The clean-ingredient Beauty Box is carefully built to include only exceptional performance products from conscious brands that are always plant-based, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and free of harmful chemicals.

The retail value is often over $100+ and you can surprise a friend with a box for just $27.95.

3. Goddess Provisions

spiritual gift box

Have a spiritual friend who loves to nourish their inner soul? Then, a subscription box from Goddess Provisions can be a fantastic gift.

It comes with 5 - 7 natural, spiritual goodies like crystals, books, jewelry, aromatherapy, and self-care goodies for slowing down.

4. Bombay And Cedar

Bombay And Cedar offer a monthly lifestyle subscription box that gives goods from small businesses, with fun, creative and innovative solutions to enhance anyone's lifestyle.

The box often contains 6-7 items like essential oils, DIY projects, beauty, skincare, home goods, accessories, and healthy plant-based, all curated with sustainability in mind.

5. Fake Meats

You can choose between 6, 8, or 16-item boxes packed with a fantastic selection of plant-based jerky.

It is ideal for those friends who want to try new jerky flavors and keep their pantry stocked with delicious plant-based snacks.

6. Hungry Root

Hungryroot is a personalized grocery service that makes it easier to eat healthily. 

They have a plant-based package containing fresh groceries and instructions on creating delicious and easy plant-based meals for the week.

7. Vegancuts snack box

vegan monthly snack box

Vegancuts is the leading all-vegan and cruelty-free subscription box company in the United States. Their Discovery Snack Box features a huge selection of exciting and delicious vegan treats from all over the world.

8. Empathy Wines

vegan monthly snack box

Did you know many wines are not technically vegan because of protein from egg whites, milk, gelatin, or fish? Yep - these are often used in the clarifying process. 

If you have a vegan friend who is struggling to find good plant-based wines, surprise them with Empathy Wines. 

They will be able to experience different varietals and appellations without worrying about the wines’ contact with animal protein.

9. Fair Ivy

vegan monthly snack box

Fair Ivy is a monthly subscription box featuring a handmade vegan boutique craft. The packages include jewelry, scarves, stationery, clutches, and bath products. 

Each item is handmade and hand-wrapped with love, including an introduction of the artist who made it.

10. House Plant Subscription Box

house plant subscription box

Have a friend crazy about plants? They will then for sure enjoy a box by The House Plant Box. 

They have many different options for plants, including the Indoor Plant Box, Pet-Friendly Box, Succulent Box, Air Plant Box, Aquatic Box, Seasonal Garden Box, and more!

The box ships within 7-10 business days, carefully packaged, so the plant arrives safely.

Plant-Based Books

11. The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook

Foolproof, uncomplicated recipes for veg-curious and everyone interested in plant-based food. The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook gives everything anyone will need to create tasty, satisfying vegetable-centric meals.

12. Plant-Based on a Budget

Ideal for anyone who is a little tight on their budget or who would like to be more organized with meal planning to save extra cash. The recipes are imaginative and incredibly customizable and will not only help to save money but also time. Every recipe in this cookbook can be done in 30 minutes or less.

13. Plant You: Ridiculously Easy, Amazingly Delicious Plant-Based Oil-Free Recipes

This plant-based cookbook will be a fantastic gift to anyone interested in easy, oil-free, and healthy vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, cheese sauces, salad dressings, desserts, and more. The layout of this cookbook makes it very easy to follow, and the photos will make you want to try every recipe.

Plant You is ideal for people who want to make their favorite meals more healthily. It is packed with tips on replacing meat with plant-based ingredients and how to recreate your favorite meals plant-based.

14. One Pot: Three Ways

One Pot: Three Ways cookbook gives the basic recipe in simple terms and then shows three different ways to switch it up. It shows how to portion up or down depending on how many servings you want and includes thoughtful substitutes for specific ingredients.

15. Unbelievably Vegan: 100+ Life-Changing, Plant-Based Recipes

Unbelievably Vegan offers more than 100 recipes for living plant-based life without giving up your favorite comfort foods. The cookbook includes a plan for anyone who wants to eat less meat — whether they are looking to go 100% plant-based or to become more meat-free.

16. The Essential Book of Vegan Bakes

Consider this book if you know someone looking to learn more about making mouthwatering plant-based desserts and treats! The perfect cookbook for bakers who would enjoy creating mouthwatering plant-based sweets and desserts without sacrificing taste. It includes different recipes for cakes, cookies, pastries, and puddings. The cookbook contains fantastic practical tips and a helpful section on ingredient alternatives to create delicious recipes.

17. Vegan Richa's Everyday Kitchen

Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen contains amazing recipes that show how varied and tasty plant-based food can be. Anyone who tries the book will get inspired to create everyday meals that are wholesome, delicious, simple to make, and flavorful.  The book also includes helpful techniques and mix-and-match ideas that inspire creativity and provide stunning meal combinations.

18. Vegan Richa's Indian Kitchen

Richa's plant-based, spiced Indian recipes are not too complicated and are made with easy-to-find ingredients, including replacement spices wherever possible. This cookbook is perfect for anyone who loves exotic, earthy flavors and who loves to experiment with new cuisines.  Another plus is that the recipes are allergy friendly; many have gluten-free and soy-free options.

19. The Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

Changing to a plant-based diet can be overwhelming. That’s where this beginner-friendly cookbook comes in!  It contains 75 nutritious plant-based recipes and expert guidance for anyone new to the diet.  The cookbook simplifies the plant-based diet and offers many healthful recipes: salt-free, oil-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and nut-free.

20. The First Mess Cookbook

The First Mess Cookbook offers simple-to-prepare plant-based recipes with seasonal ingredients.  The no-fuss, healthy, seasonal meals are delicious and full of color and taste. Additionally, many of the recipes can be modified to local veggies.  

Plant-Based courses

21. Veecoco

Veecoco is a platform that will help anyone interested in plant-based eating to experience the fantastic flavors and rich diversity of plants. It includes courses on different topics, where chefs worldwide share their cooking secrets and teach how to use plants to create memorable meals.

Veecoco Courses teach Vegan Pastry Essentials, Vegan Classic Italian, The Perfect Vegan Brunch, Raw Food Fundamentals, and much more!

22. Vegan Academy

Do you have a friend who would love to try new and veganized versions of classic dishes? Then, consider getting them one of the Vegan Academy online courses. 

They have online workshops for - Vegan Street Food, Masterclass Taste & Texture, Croquettes & Bitterballs, Vegan Italian Classics, and Masterclass for Began Pastry.

23. Nutrition Health Coach Certification

The Nutrition Health Coach course is ideal if you have a friend interested in learning how to turn their passion for a healthy vegan lifestyle into a profitable coaching business!  It is designed to teach how to help others overcome their health challenges.

24. Eat Real Food: How to Eat a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet

This course is about the benefits of a plant-based diet and will teach how to prepare fantastic, simple, and quick meals and create a life-long foundation of healthy eating habits.  It is ideal for beginners interested in starting a wholesome, healthy lifestyle and for anyone who wants to use their diet to improve their health, weight, energy, and longevity.

25. Diet And Nutrition Coach Certification: Beginner To Advanced

The Diet And Nutrition Coach Certification course will make people interested in becoming nutritional experts and teach them how to plan good meals to reach any goal. It covers nutrition theory, meal planning, working with clients, tips on losing weight healthily, building muscle, different diet trends, and more.

26. Vegan and Gluten-Free Baking

Do you know someone who would love to learn the formula for creating recipes from scratch? This course is going to teach that, plus much more!  It covers the principles behind egg- and dairy-free baking and will show the step-by-step process of baking various delicious goods, how to use different flours, sugar alternatives, and more.

27. Healthy Cooking For The Hungry Vegan

Healthy Cooking For The Hungry Vegan is perfect for anyone interested in creating plant-based Indian food. The course teaches critical techniques used in Indian cooking and how to create oi-free, vegan versions of popular Indian dishes.


There you have it - 27 unique plant-based gift ideas for all of your friends & family. 

No matter if it's for a vegan friend, or for someone who is interested in switching to a plant-based lifestyle, those gifts will be highly appreciated & loved. 

Which one is your favorite plant-based gift from the list? Make sure to let us know!

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