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Goody Vegancuts Oversized Snack Box

Fast Facts

Best for: With 17+ snacks, those curious to explore the best and most innovative plant-based Snacks in the market and find their new favorites.
Best occasion: A perfect gift, or excellent to showcase plant-based at a get-together with friends or family.
Fun fact: This Snack Favorites box is based on your feedback and frequently changes so there’s always something new to discover.

All The Favorites In One Oversized Box

This Oversized Snack Box is loaded with 17+ high-quality vegan treats you won’t find at the grocery store. The box is carefully curated based on your feedback to ensure it contains all the fan favorites, high-demand snacks, and some delightful surprises too. So whether you’re a snack-a-holic, searching for the perfect gift, or hosting a get-together, the Oversized Snack Box has A-Grade treats you need to taste to believe.

Perfect For The Vegan-Curious

Those new or curious about the vegan lifestyle can indulge in its finest with this Oversized Snack Box. The large combination of unique snacks and pantry items provides a true taste of what it means to be vegan in the modern-day. If you are new to the vegan space and are curious to dip your toes in and see what everyone is talking about, this box is for you

Make A Difference For Animals

Animals are at the heart of everything we do at Vegancuts. When you purchase from us, a portion of the sale goes directly to supporting an Animal Sanctuary. Each month a new sanctuary is nominated to receive the benefits of our unique donation program. By supporting Vegancuts you’re also making the biggest difference to animals worldwide. For that, we thank you.