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While postpartum, you may experience intense hunger, especially after breastfeeding.

That is because breastfeeding burns up a lot of energy, and you will need to consume additional 300 - 500 calories daily.

To have a healthy and smooth postpartum recovery, nourishing yourself with healthy snacks is crucial.

We created a list of nutrient-dense, healthy, and easy breastfeeding snacks for moms.

Let’s get started!

What Makes a Good Breastfeeding Snack?

A healthy, nourishing snack while breastfeeding needs to:
● Be nutritious, with a good balance of macronutrients

● Be easy to make

● Encourage lactation

Nutrient-dense whole foods, like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, contain many nutrients and few calories and are ideal breastfeeding snacks.

To keep feeling nourished and full, make sure the snacks you choose have:

● Healthy fats (avocado, nut butter, ground flax seed, nuts, chia seeds, etc.)

● High-quality protein (tofu, hummus, nut butter, beans, nuts & seeds, etc.)

● Complex carbohydrates (oats, whole-grain bread, beans, fruit, etc.)

High Protein Snacks For Breastfeeding

1. Carrots & Hummus

Carrots & hummus is an almost-effortless snack that’s heart-healthy, protein-packed,nutrient-rich, and delicious.

Making homemade hummus is super simple, but if you are short on time, you can also stock up with some store-bought, likethis one.

2. Plant-Based Protein Bars

plant based protein bars

During lactation, it isessential to get adequate protein to maintain your health and provide sufficient nutrition for your newborn.

Protein bars are an easy and effective way to get additional protein in your diet. Opt for a low-sugar, natural protein bar packed with vitamins and minerals.

There are a couple of brands that make protein bars, especially for women, with minimally processed ingredients, like:

GoMacro Bars

Aloha Protein Bars

Mindright Superfood Bars

Luna Bars

3. Plant-Based Protein Shakes

protein shakes for new moms

Protein shakes are another great, easy and convenient way to increase your protein intake. You can make it nutrient-rich by adding fruits, veggies, and healthy fats.

Some great ingredients for the perfect breastfeeding protein shake include bananas, berries, avocados, nut butter, chia seeds, spinach, nut milk, flax seeds, andplant protein.

If you can’t bother making shakes every day, you can stock up on this variety pack ofSvelte Organic Protein Shakes.

4. Chia Pudding

healthy breastfeeding treat chia pudding

Chia seeds contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and plant-based protein. You can consume them in many ways, but the easiest way is to make chia pudding.

Mix a spoonful of chia seeds with 1/3 cup of non-dairy milk. Then, wait a few minutes so the chia absorbs the milk.

In the end, you can add mixed berries, a spoon of nut butter, and sprinkle with maple syrup forsome sweetness if you wish.

5. Granola Or Cereal

granola cereal ideas for breastfeeding moms

There is a couple of fantastic protein-rich, low-carb versions of popular breakfast cereals and granola.

A bowl of healthy, protein-packed cereal or granola will provide a complete protein source for breastfeeding moms.

Some great options include:

Erin Baker's Ultra Protein Granola

Naturale Valley Protein Granola

Kind Dark Chocolate Granola

Three Wishes Cereal

Kashi Go Protein Cereal

Post Premier Protein Cereal

Easy Snacks For Breastfeeding Moms

6. Avocado Toast

breastfeeding breakfast avocado on toast

Avocado toast is an easy breastfeeding snack that’s quick and tasty. Avocados are loaded with heart-healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

All you need to do is mash up the avocado with salt and pepper (and lemon if you wish) and add to a piece of less processed, nutritious bread made with spelled flour or buckwheat.

7. Red Bell Peppers & Guacamole

red bell peppers and guacamole

Red varieties are exceptionally high in antioxidants. On the other hand, guacamole is a rich source of healthy fats, fiber, vitamins A, B, and C, and minerals like phosphorus and potassium. It is a fantastic combination that makes a healthy, nutritious breastfeeding snack.

8. Energy Bars

vegan energy bars

You can either buy ready-made energy bars or DIY them at home.Boobie Milk Bars are an ideal healthy snack for breastfeeding if you prefer to buy ready-made ones.

They are expertly formulated to increase milk supply, provide 6g of fiber, and are packed with powerful superfoods, like moringa, turmeric, cinnamon, Shatavari, and flaxseed.

If you want to DIY them at home,follow this recipe: rolled oats, flax, seeds, nuts, and maple syrup. These ingredients are all known as galactagogues, which means they aid in the production and secretion of breast milk.

9. Plant Based Yogurt & Berries

plant based yogurt and berries

Berries are one of the best sources of antioxidants. Combine them with plant-based yogurt to create a fantastic, quick, and tasty breastfeeding snack. You can use soy, oat, or coconut yogurt.

10. Oatmeal

healthy oatmeal while breastfeeding

Oatmeal is great for breastfeeding mothers since it helpspromote milk production.

They are incredibly versatile - you can have them hot, cold (overnight), sweet or savory, and customize the flavors to your liking.

11. Banana & Almond Butter

easy banana and almond butter treat

Banana is a high-calorie fruit that will help with hunger while breastfeeding, and it is rich in several nutrients such as potassium, calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, iron, and fiber.

Almond butter is another calorie-dense food rich in magnesium, which can help boost energy. Combining them both is a fantastic energy booster and overall healthy snack.

12. Apple & Peanut Butter

apple peanut butter snack

Apples are a fiber-rich fruit. On the other hand, peanuts provide healthy fats, plant-based protein, and fiber. So when you eat them together, you create the perfect satisfying breastfeeding snack.

Make sure you choose an all-natural peanut butter with just one ingredient - peanuts. Conventional peanut butter often contains added sugar and hydrogenated oils.

13. Kale Chips

easy kale chips for new moms

Kale is incredibly healthy, loaded with fiber and antioxidants like beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

For a healthy, nutrient-rich snack, getRhythm Kale Chips, which are made with organic kale and hand-crafted dressing. It is a gluten-free, GMO-free, protein and fiber-packed snack.

14. Dark Chocolate Almonds

snack idea for postpartum moms

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, and almonds are a fantastic source of healthy fats, making them a tremendously heart-healthy, satisfying duo.

The chocolate-covered almonds bySkinydipped are dipped in a thin layer of vegan 73% artisan dark chocolate and finished with a hint of sea salt.

A single serving provides 5g of protein, 3g of fiber, and just 150 calories.

15. Kale & Lentil Soup

delicious dinner idea for breastfeeding moms

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Evening Snacks For Breastfeeding Moms

Finding quick, tasty, and healthy evening snacks while breastfeeding can be challenging without gaining more extra pounds.

Fortunately, a small, nutrient-rich snack under 200 calories is fine at night. Find some of the best snacks for breastfeeding below:

16. Fruits

fruits for new moms

Fruit is probably the easiest and healthiest evening snack you can get. That’s because fruits contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, and high water content.

You can easily make fruit more satisfying by pairing them with a bit of protein or healthy fats. Doing this will help you to satisfy your hunger quickly.

Some of the best evening fruit snacks for breastfeeding include:

● Tart cherries




17. Barley

healthy postpartum snack

Whole-grain cereals like barley are an excellent source of fiber and are very satisfying. Similar to oats, you can make barley in various ways.

To make a delicious barley porridge, you will have to cook the barley with water or milk, which can take a bit longer than oats, so it's best to do it in advance. Then add nuts, spices, fruits, nut butter, etc.

18. Trail Mix

trail mix is great for new moms

You can easilybuy a Trail Mix or make one by yourself. They often include dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, making them rich in fiber, protein, healthy fats, B vitamins, and minerals.

To create the ultimate breastfeeding Trial Mix snack, add sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, and pistachios since they are not only packed with healthy fats and antioxidants but can also give your milk a boost.

19. Edamame

edamame is good for new moms

Edamame is a fiber-rich food considered a complete, plant-based protein source.

For a simple, late-night snack, toss fresh or thawed, shelled edamame with a bit of salt and pepper. You can get them fresh, frozen, ordry-roasted.

20. Teas

pouring relaxing tea

While consuming more calories while breastfeeding, you also need more fluids.

Water is the best option, but if you want to change things up, you can start having various tea infusions.

A moderate amount would be two to three cups (1 cup = 250 ml) of weak tea daily.

Great options include:

Blueberry & Pomegranate

Moringa, Fennel, & Nettle Leaf


Chai Spice

If you aim to increase your breastmilk supply, you can tryfennel or fenugreek tea. Various studies found that both lead to a significant increase in breast milk supply.

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Eating well-balanced meals and snacks is crucial in fueling your body. Furthermore, breastfeeding is hard work, so it is essential to stock up on healthy and easy snacks when hunger strikes

.This way, you’ll be able to provide a nutritious snack to fuel your body and your baby with adequate nourishment.

We hope our snack list was helpful for you, and in case we missed an excellent breastfeeding snack idea, make sure to let us know.

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