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Are you looking for healthy snacks that are *almost* zero calories and will help with your weight loss journey?

This article is the ultimate guide to ‘zero calorie’ snacks, and it is divided into three main categories:

  1. "Zero-calorie" sweet snacks
  2. "Zero-calorie" savory snacks
  3. Pre-packaged "zero-calorie" snacks to buy

Before we begin with the list, let’s answer some essential questions.

What Are Zero Calorie Foods?

Zero-calorie foods aren’t 0 calories, but they usually contain very few calories.

They are called this because they supposedly take more energy to digest than what they provide in calories.

Additionally, such foods often have a tiny amount of calories but are packed with nutrients and fiber and are beneficial for your health

.All of that makes such foods great guilt-free options for snacking, even if you are trying to lose weight.

Best Low-Calorie Snacks: Fruits

1. Berries

There are many berries, and nearly all are fantastic low-calorie snacks for weight loss.

While different berries have slightly different nutrient profiles, they all contain essential vitamins and minerals that support your health.

They also have high water content and the lowest GI of all fruits, which makes them perfect if you want to lose a couple of pounds.

How To Have Them:

2. Mixed berry fruit salad

3. Berries with dairy-free yogurt

4. Strawberry smoothie

5. Triple berry smoothie

6. Apples

Apples are highly nutritious and backed with fiber. For example, one cup (109 grams) of apple slices provides 62 calories.

You can choose between many different sorts and enjoy apples in various ways. 

Some fantastic ideas include:

7. Apple sandwich with PB

8. Whole-baked apple

9.Apple with nut butter and hemp seeds

10. Pears

Pears are another great snack because they are high in water, low in calories, and packed with fiber.

This makes them a weight-loss-friendly snack since fiber and water will help keep you full for longer.

Not a fan of pears? Enjoy them in various ways, such as:

11. Raw pear pie

12. Raw pear cakes

13. Asian pear & avocado salad

14. Watermelon

Watermelon is low in calories and sugar and packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It will help you to stay hydrated because 90% of a watermelon’s weight is water.

It’s one of the best fruits to eat if you’re trying to lose weight. A 100-gram serving contains only30 calories.

Here are a couple of fantastic ways to enjoy watermelon:

15. Vietnamese watermelon salad

16. Watermelon popsicles

17. Watermelon ice cream

18. Raw watermelon “pizza”

19. Watermelon sticks with coconut lime dip

20. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is very low in calories, promotes fullness, and reduces calorie intake. In addition, grapefruit provides a significant amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

It can benefit your immune system and is a powerful fruit that aids weight loss. If you aren’t a huge fan of the fruit, here are a few tasty ways to enjoy it:

21.Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

22.Grapefruit smoothie

23.Raw grapefruit doughnuts

24.Blood orange & grapefruit salad

25.Grapefruit avocado salad

26. Apricots

Apricots are a good source of vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene.

Apricots are low in calories and fat - they contain only 48 calories per 100 grams, which makes them an excellent addition to your weight loss diet.

The fruit is excellent because of its ability to fill you up for several while keeping cravings in check.

Here are some fantastic recipes to enjoy apricots:

27.Baked apricot dessert (Reduce the added sugar)

28. Roasted apricots

29. Apricot sorbet

Best Zero Calorie Snacks: Vegetables

30. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are low in calories - 100g contains less than 20 calories and have high water content. This makes them a great snack if you are trying to lose weight.

You can have them raw, in a salad, or to make delicious tomato soup. Check out the following easy & tasty options:

31.Vegan roasted tomato soup

32.Stuffed tomato

33.Fresh tomatoes with basil

34. Carrots

A cup of raw carrot sticks has only 50 calories, and what’s more, this delicious vegetable is packed with excellent nutrients, like beta carotene, fiber, vitamin K1, potassium, and antioxidants.

It is versatile, and you can make various delicious recipes and snacks with carrots, including:

35. Roasted carrots

36. Raw Moroccan carrot salad

37. Raw carrots with hummus or another low-calorie dip

38. Cucumbers

Cucumbers contain a very low amount of calories and are made up of 96% water. An entire cucumber (11-ounce or 300g) has only about 45 calories.

If you want to lose weight, cucumber can be your to-go snack. What’s good about cucumbers is that they are very refreshing, and you can have them in many different ways, so you don’t get sick!

Some yummy cucumber recipes include:

39. Creamy cucumber salad with non-dairy yogurt

40. Thai cucumber salad

41. Cold cucumber soup

42. Raw cucumber with hummus or other low-calorie dips

43. Cauliflower

Cauliflower has only 25 calories per cup. It is an excellent low-calorie food that you can use to make fantastic meals. 

You can also use it to make a low-calorie substitute for rice or flour. Here are a couple of easy and delicious ways to have cauliflower:

44.Baked cheesy cauliflower

45. Creamy cauliflower soup

46.Cauliflower pizza crust

47.Raw coconut cauliflower “rice” with pistachio

48. Green Beans

Eating green beans for weight loss can be very effective - they are not only low in calories but also high in fiber and protein.

This combination helps you to feel satiated for longer, experiencing less hunger. Here’s how to have green beans as a healthy snack for losing weight:

49.Sauteed garlic-y green beans

50.Roasted green beans

51. Beets

Beetroot is packed with healthy minerals, vitamins, and fiber, which helps keep you satiated for a longer time.

Beetroot is also low in calories; 100g contains only 43 calories, 2.8g of fiber, and 10 grams of complex carbohydrates.

The best way to eat beetroot is to toss it in salads or soups:

52. Cold beetroot soup

53. Roasted beet salad

54. Korean beet salad

55. Peas

Peas have a high starch and low water content, which means they are higher in calories than most vegetables - they contain 68 calories per 100g.

However, they are still a great snack option for weight loss since they are high in protein and low in fat. Here are a couple of fantastic ways to enjoy peas:

56. Minty green pea soup

57.Raw pea pesto hummus

58.Zucchini pea salad

59. Radishes

TRadishes are packed with Vitamins E, A, C, B6, and K. They are also high in antioxidants, fiber,zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, and manganese.

This fantastic veggie is extremely low in calories at 19 calories for every 1 cup. Incorporating a bowl of radish with your meals will reduce the calories you consume and help in weight loss.

Some interesting and delicious ways to have radishes include:

60.Roasted radishes orMiso buttered radishes

61.Easy radish soup

62.Radish & cucumber salad

63. Red Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are another excellent weight loss food packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.

They can fill out any dish without adding too many calories, and what’s interesting about them is that they contain a compound called capsaicin.

This compound has been found to increase the fat-burning rate and suppress appetite, promoting weight loss. 

Here are some tasty ways to have red bell peppers:

64. Roasted red peppers

65. Creamy red pepper soup

66. Roasted red pepper dip

67.Raw peppers with guacamole

68. Kale

Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth. It is full of fiber and has high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, calcium, and manganese.

While it is very high in nutrients, it is low in calories and has high water content, making it a fantastic aid for weight loss.

Here are some low-calorie snack ideas with kale for weight loss:

69. Kale Ceaser salad

70. Green kale smoothie

71. Homemade kale chips

72. Celery

Celery provides dietary fiber, which boosts digestion and weight loss. Additionally, it is very low in calories - one large stalk contains only 10 calories.

Celery can also help to improve digestion and treats constipation and stomach issues. Drinking celery juice daily could help to relieve inflammation and help you to lose extra weight.

Best ways to enjoy celery include:

73.Creamy celery soup

74.Lemony celery salad

75.Roasted celery

76.Celery juice or smoothie

77. Lettuce

Lettuce is a negative calorie food, which means that the process of digesting it burns more calories than the number of calories in the vegetable.

Being extremely low in calories, lettuce can help in weight loss. Here are two tasty ways to have lettuce as a snack:

78. Tofu lettuce wraps or Raw lettuce tacos

79. Simple lettuce salad

80. Nuts & Seeds

A spoonful of nuts or seeds provides an ideal balance of healthy fats, protein, and fiber.

There are many health benefits, and even though they have higher calorie content, nuts and seeds can support weight loss when enjoyed in moderation.

They will help you stay fuller between meals and easily avoid unhealthy snack options.

Choose between cashews, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

How to have nuts & seeds:

81. Nuts & seeds with yogurt with berries

82. Homemade nut bars

83. Oven-roasted nuts & seeds

84. Homemade granola

Best Packaged Zero Calorie Snacks To Buy:

85. Apple Chips

Get yourself some baked apple chips that are GMO-free and contain no added oil or preservatives. Bare snacks use natural fruits and veggies and bake them into deliciously crunchy chips. It is an easy, healthy snack to have on the go.

86. Kale Chips

kale chips calories

Kale chips are super easy to make at home, but it isn’t always the most convenient - it requires time, and often, the kale chips are gone way too fast. But that’s why you can always stock up on delicious, nutritious, store-bought kale chips.

87. Popcorn

low calorie popcorn

Lesser Evil created air-popped, tender, fluffy popcorn, tumbled in avocado oil, and sprinkled in Himalayan salt. It is made with high-quality organic ingredients and minimal processing to create a clean, tasty snack.

88. Snack Bars

low calorie snack bars

There are so many snack bars on the market, but many of them aren’t good if you try to lose weight.

They are high in calories, and full of oils, and sugars, which give a considerable spike in your blood sugar, causing more cravings.

The best snack bars we can recommend for weight management are:
Aloha Bars - High-protein, vegan, gluten-free bars that will keep you satiated and fuel you with long-lasting energy. A bar contains 14g of protein, 10g of fiber & only 5g of sugar.

GoMacro Bars - An uplifting, antioxidant-rich bar and the perfect on-the-go treat, for clean and healthy snacking.

Lara Bar - Delicious, natural, and simple bars, made of 4-5 ingredients. An ideal healthy snack to have on hand.

Health Warrior Bars - 100-calorie superfood snack made from real ingredients that help keep you full.

That’s it. Fruit bars - Great for weight management; these bars are only 100 calories and are packed with vitamins and fiber!


There you have it - a massive list with over 70 healthy snacks with low calories for losing weight!

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